A1Grappler Affiliate FQA


November 17 2023 1:27pm • Est. Read Time: 22 MIN


What are the A1Grappling tiers?
Beginning April 1, 2023 A1Grappler will now offer a three tiered commission structure. The three tiers are Silver, Gold and Platinum Silver Status. 

To achieve Silver Status you simply have to complete the A1Grappler onboarding process. There is no revenue requirement to maintain Silver Status. All Silver status Affiliates receive 10% commission on all A1Grappler supplement sales. 

Gold Status.  To achieve Gold Status you have to achieve $500 in sales during the monthly commission period. To maintain Gold Status you only have to maintain $500 in monthly sales.  All Gold status Affiliates receive 20% commission on all A1Grappler supplement sales up to $2,499 per month. 
Platinum Status. 

To achieve Platinum Status you have to achieve $2,500 in sales during the monthly commission period. To maintain Platinum Status you only have to maintain $2,500 in monthly sales. All Platinum status Affiliates receive 35% commission on all A1Grappler supplement sales.

Why is there a new commission tiering structure?
We are implementing a new commission structure to better support and reward our most loyal A1Grappler partners. In addition to earning a higher commission rate, Gold and Platinum Affiliates will receive complementary marketing support, sales bonuses, product bonuses and much more. 

Do my returns or my client returns affect my total revenue and what tier status I achieve?
Yes, all returns affect your tier status as tier status is based on net revenue achieved during the month.  

How do I move into a new commission tier?
You are able to move up in Affiliate tiers by achieving the predetermined revenue targets. If beginning as a Silver status Affiliate, you simply need to sell $500 worth of supplements in one month to move to Gold status and begin earning 20% commission. Once you have reached Gold status, you move to Platinum status once you sell $2,500 worth of supplements. 

When changing tiers, when do I begin receiving the new commission rate?
Your new commission percentage will go into effect the first day of the following pay period. We offer 4 pay periods per month so partners don’t have to wait till the beginning of a new month to see the fruits of their labor.  For example, if you are at Gold status to start a month and by the 11th day of the month, you have sold $2,500 or more, you will automatically be eligible for 35% commissions starting the next pay period AND you will be grandfathered into Platinum status for the next month. 

If I exceed the minimum required sales for Platinum Tier status, does that give me Platinum status for more than one month?
No, Gold and Platinum revenue requirements are based on monthly performance and to maintain Gold status you need to maintain a minimum monthly sales volume of $500,and to maintain Platinum status you need to maintain a minimum monthly sales volume of $2500. 

Do all A1Grappler sales count toward my monthly sales targets?
Yes, any sales of A1Grappler supplements, regardless of the product, and including what you purchase for yourself, your team or inventory will contribute towards your monthly revenue which determines your tier status for the following pay period. 

What factors outside of revenue contribute to what tier I am a part of?
Nothing, monthly revenue is the sole determinant of what commission tier you fall into.

What happens if I need to take a break from selling A1Grappler supplements?
As your A1Grappler supplement sales decrease, your tier status also decreases. If you sell less than $500 in monthly sales you will move into the Silver Status tier. When you begin selling A1Grappler supplements again, you will maintain your Silver status and earn 10% commission on all sales until you achieve at least $500 in sales, at which point you will move to Gold status and begin earning 20% commission on all sales. 

What is the highest commission percentage I can receive?
35% commission is the highest commission percentage you can receive once you achieve Platinum status. However, the highest commission percentage any Affiliate can receive on our Protein Blend products is 20%.  Unless a higher commission rate is negotiated with between the Athlete and A1Grappler.

What other compensation is available to A1Grappler Affiliates with the new tiers?
A1Grappler Affiliates primary source of revenue from supplement sales comes from the commission on products sold. However, there are many monetary, product and support incentives that Gold and Platinum level Affiliates are able to achieve as well. 

How will my commission payments be processed and when?
Nothing will change with how and when you are paid, and you will continue to be paid once a month (Last Day of the Month). 

Percent of a purchase to affiliate via link tracking?
When a customer uses an affiliates link to make a purchase the affiliate will receive a 3% commission from the total order.

Affiliate Links. 

When a customer uses an affiliates link to make a purchase the affiliate will receive a 3% commission from the total order.

Coupon Codes.
Affiliates who share A1Grapplers to their followers who use the coupons to make purchases will receive 3% in addition to the commission for purchase order.  Affiliate Athletes may contact A1Grappler to have a unique coupon code designed to support their branding and marketing efforts.  Affiliates may also request to increase the amount of commission they thru use of their unique coupon codes. 

Where can I go to receive updates and/or Affiliate tier details?
You can also always reach out by emailing info@a1grappler.com for any questions or concerns. Changes to the Affiliate PolicyA1Grappler.com reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with this provision. If we make changes to this affiliate policy, we will post the revised on the A1Grappler.com Site(s) and update the “Last Updated” date at the top of this Privacy Policy. If the changes are significant, we may also provide you with notice of the modification by e-mail or get your consent, as required by law. If you disagree with the revised policy, you may cancel your A1Grappler.com Affiliate Partner Account. If you do not cancel your account before the date the revised Privacy Policy becomes effective, your continued access or use of the A1Grappler.com Site(s) will constitute acceptance of the revised policy.